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Training and Education

Through our training and educational offerings, Consortia will work with you to bring broadband education and digital literacy to your company, your customers, and your community.  Consortia provides easy to understand training on a variety of topics, helping you continue to meet the needs of your customers and increase demand for your broadband services.  Our training services include the topics below and can be customized for your individual company needs:


  • Staff Training
  • Community Education
    • Cloud Productivity Tools
    • Computer & Internet Basics
    • Creating Digital Memories
    • Google Drive
    • Introduction to Social Networking
    • iPads for Beginners
    • Mobile Apps
    • Smart Phone Overview
    • Using Documents & Spreadsheets
    • Web Tools for Work, Home & Play
    • NEW! TechTips Videos
  • Group Presentations
    • Technology Inspiration & Instruction
    • Telecom Industry Issues
    • Digital Citizenship
    • Social Media Etiquette
    • Using the Sizzle to Sell the Steak
    • You Can Lead a Horse to Water, but You Can’t Make Him Drink!