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CPNI Video Training

If you haven’t already heard, Consortia is pleased to announce a newly released CPNI training video featuring Compliance Connie, our virtual expert. In spite of all the recent confusion and chaos in Washington surrounding CPNI and broadband privacy, your company’s obligation to protect your customers’ information and to train your employees on those requirements has not changed.

Our CPNI training video allows you to meet CPNI training requirements in a fast, cost-efficient and flexible way!  The video covers the basic requirements and authentication procedures with Compliance Connie addressing how to handle your typical customer scenarios.  It is presented in a fun and concise manner that will be greatly appreciated by your staff.  Check out the trailer below!


Contact Consortia at for more information on our CPNI training videos.



We have recently started using Consortia’s services to assist us with CPNI compliance. The training video they put together is one of the best tools we have found to review existing rules and train on new rules.  It is brief, informative, and easy to understand by all staff.  The scenarios included in the video help us relate to the situations we run across daily in our company. – Lisa Schenfisch, RTC 


I’ve scheduled plenty of required annual trainings for our employees but I’ve not seen the typical “eye roll” when I scheduled this CPNI training.  Consortia Consulting has done a great service to our industry by creating a clear, concise and simple tool for our use.  Kudos to Consortia and Compliance Connie!Liz Cheatham, Endeavor Communications