We Ensure Your Long Term Success

Consortia is your partner in evaluating new business opportunities, analyzing competitive positioning, determining effective strategic plans, and solving operational and management problems, helping you ensure the long term success of your organization.

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Business Development Services

  • Strategic Planning & Board Education
  • Competitive Analysis & Strategy
  • New Business Opportunities
    • Financial Analyses
    • Business Plan Development
    • Financing Support
  • Merger & Acquisition Support
    • Sale or Auction Process Development & Administration
    • Valuations for Acquisitions or Sale
    • Due Diligence Preparation & Support
    • Provide Operational Strategy Post Merger/Acquisition
  • CLEC & Municipal Broadband Strategy
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Planning & Financing Support
    • Implementation Administration
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  • Contract Negotiations
    • Interconnection Agreements
    • Switching Agreements
  • Network Services Strategy, Planning, & Support
    • Resource Sharing Opportunities
    • Traffic Monitoring & Troubleshooting
    • Network Services Systems Support–
      LERG, ASRs, LSRs, SOA, & LNP
  • Human Resources Support
    • Board & Management Relations
    • Training of Staff & Board
    • Team Building (Emergenetics®) with Staff or Board
  • Marketing Strategy & Support
  • CEO Search

Discover what Consortia can do for you.

In addition to expertise in cost studies and settlements, regulatory compliance and advocacy, Consortia’s consultants have background and experience in accounting, economics, finance, law, human resources and marketing. As a Consortia client, those resources are just a phone call away.