We Help Meet Your Customers’ Needs

Through our training and educational offerings, Consortia will work with you to bring broadband education and digital literacy to your company, your customers, and your community.  Consortia provides easy to understand training on a variety of topics, helping you continue to meet the needs of your customers and increase the demand for your broadband services. 


Board & Management Training

Consortia frequently works with our clients’ management teams and boards of directors facilitating strategic planning sessions and providing financial and regulatory updates. Our consultants are also available to provide training for your management team and board of directors on topics, such as the benefits of a broadband-only offering or moving to paperless board meetings. We are happy to tailor educational sessions for your managers and board members to meet your needs.

Staff Training

We offer employee training to help your staff gain a better understanding of the broadband services you are selling and how to talk to customers about those service. We also show your employees where to find online resources about the latest in technology gadgets and free online educational resources to give them the tools they need to better help your customers.

Customer Training

Educating your customers on using broadband and the gadgets connected to it can increase demand for your company’s broadband services. We can help by providing curriculum for community workshops and training for your trainers, or we can be the trainer at your workshops. Types of workshops available include but are not limited to: Lunch & Learn Events, Small Business Seminars, and Hands-on Workshops.

Check out our NEW Capital Credits training below!

New Employee/Director Training

Consortia is now offering One-on-One Video Chat Training. The training will go over the basics of rural telecommunications, explain who is involved in our industry, review acronyms and terminology, explain our industry’s history and answer questions.

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Discover what Consortia can do for you.

In addition to expertise in cost studies and settlements, regulatory compliance and advocacy, Consortia’s consultants have background and experience in accounting, economics, finance, law, human resources and marketing. As a Consortia client, those resources are just a phone call away.