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Through our training and educational offerings, Consortia will work with you to bring broadband education and digital literacy to your company, your customers, and your community.  Consortia provides easy to understand training on a variety of topics, helping you continue to meet the needs of your customers and increase the demand for your broadband services. 

TechTips Videos

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest training and educational product, TechTips. We have designed a video education solution that is effective at educating your customers so they get the most out of your broadband service.  These short instructional videos are designed to teach your customers about the high-speed internet your company provides.  Let us help you with creating video content that is otherwise time consuming and expensive.

Here are just a few of the features that make TechTips a great solution:

  • Videos are branded with your company’s logo, contact information and can even include your store front!
  • Videos are less than 8 minutes in length and can be used on company websites, social media sites or local channels.
  • We have flexible pricing options available.
  • The videos can be previewed in their entirety at

TechTips Episode List

TechTips order list
Please contact Consortia with any questions you may have regarding TechTips by Consortia Consulting at

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